There are quite a few ways to balance your blood sugar levels, but I’m going to start with the most obvious one and i’ll share the rest in my emails to come.

One thing at a time.

This is the step that  will make the biggest difference to your overall health long term. 

#1 Understand the impacts of Sugar on our bodies and its different names/forms..

Whilst we think we’re doing the right thing by replacing sugar with ‘Organic Rice Malt Syrup’, ‘Honey’ or artificial sweeteners like Xylitol, our bodies cannot actually tell the difference.

Meaning your blood sugar will spike just as high with Rice Malt Syrup as it would with Sugar.

This is a really tricky thing too, and it may well confuse you BUT believe it or not sugar has more than 65 different names!!

Download | 65 different names for sugar

You see, the big food manufacturers change the name of ‘Sugar’ on items we are purchasing from them stores to make certain foods looks ‘healthier’. When in fact, they’re not and they’re harming our bodies just as bad. 

Another way you can check the sugar content on items is to look out if its one of the first ingredients on the back of the packaging. The first item is usually the ‘highest content’ ingredient in the product. 

Now, I’m not saying completely stop eating sugar or using honey but there are certain things you can do to minimise jumping on the ‘Blood Sugar Roller Coaster’: 

  1. Try to cut back on starting your day with Processed Cereals (try having porridge with apple and cinnamon, making your own homemade Granola or overnight oats. These include slow carbs which will give your body longer lasting energy and help balance your blood sugar even if you use a little bit of honey – the key is balance I will go more into this in my future emails)
  2. Try to avoid processed/packaged foods and if you can, spend a bit more time in the kitchen. This way you know what’s going in your meals!
  3. Use Stevia as a sweetener in your cooking as this is the only natural sweetener that doesn’t spike your blood sugar
  4. Try to avoid naughty snacking throughout the day, eat 3 wholesome meals and in between fill up on good healthy snacks and low sugar fruits such as: Almonds, walnuts, strawberries, mandarins, blueberries, raspberries or an apples.


In my next blog I’ll cover ‘What to eat’ so stay tuned..

Stay tuned… 

Love Imogen