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In my last blog, we spoke about understanding the different names of sugar and how you can minimize your sugar intake in order to avoid the ‘Blood Sugar Roller Coaster’.

Remember, if we’re on a weight loss or health journey we want to avoid the Roller Coaster as much as possible, otherwise it will be impossible for our bodies to burn fat.

Today I want to share the second step you can take to balance your Blood Sugar levels. 


I’ll get to what the magic plate is in just a second..  But first, I’ll give a bit of context. 

We have established by now that ‘fast’ carbohydrates spike our blood sugar. 

But, did you know that when you eat healthy proteins and fats in combination with carbohydrates that this can slow down digestion and actually help balance out the spike in your blood sugar? 

Yep that’s right. Let me give you a few example:

Breakfast that SPIKES your Blood Sugar: Piece of toast (fast carb/sugar) with jam (sugar) and butter, coffee 

Breakfast that BALANCES your Blood Sugar: Piece of multigrain toast (carb that spikes your blood sugar), combined with with half an avocado (healthy fat) and two eggs (healthy protein). 

Ok, back to the Magic Plate. The magic plate is a guide for you to use when preparing your meals. If you try to have a ‘Slow carb’, ‘healthy fats’ and ‘good protein’ in every meal you prepare this will make a significant difference on balancing out your blood sugar levels.

In my next blog, I’m going to share a cheat sheet on ‘WHAT TO EAT’.

Stay tuned… 

Love Imogen