We all know what Blood Sugar levels are, but do we know the importance of balancing them and how this can be detrimental to our weight loss? 

Do we know the impact of having continuous blood sugar spikes and what this is doing to our bodies?

I want to explain the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster, in the coolest and most simple way possible because I get it’s not the sexiest topic haha!

Basically, the BSRC is when your blood sugar continuously spikes throughout the day. 

So.. you eat sugary cereal for breakfast.. your blood sugar spikes.. you get a high burst of energy.. half an hour later you feel foggy, tired, and hungry again!

Why is this?

Basically, when you eat ‘simple carbs’ or ‘sugar’ you blood sugar spikes, your body releases insulin to balance it out but because of the type of food you’ve consumed often, it releases too much insulin which brings your blood sugar down again. 

So.. your blood sugar is low now… You need energy… You go searching for food and all you can find is a muesli bar, packet of chips or a sandwich with Nutella. And so the whoooooole process starts again. This might happen 5-10 times throughout the day. 

At this point your body has created so much insulin which then creates energy, the energy is being stored in your muscles and your liver, but these only have limited space!

So what happens when they’re full? Your body creates FAT stores!

So, as long as you are on the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster it doesn’t matter how much exercise you’re doing, it will be impossible for your body to lose fat. 

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