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Hi everybody, in this blog, I’m going to talk about the blood sugar roller coaster. But first of all, why is it important to balance out your blood sugar level?

If we’re consistently spiking our blood sugar throughout the day, we are increasing our risk of depression and anxiety, or increasing our risk of a medical condition, but the biggest thing for most people is we are putting on weight and we’re getting fat.

So I’m gonna explain to you today what happens when you go on the blood sugar roller coaster.

You start your breakfast with a bowl of sugary cereal, high sugar and a simple carbohydrate.

Your blood sugar guys up and you create insulin.

Often because of the type of food that you’re eating, you create too much insulin! Insulin is a hormone our body creates to balance our blood sugar back down.

But because you’re creating too much insulin, your blood sugar is actually going way back down.

Which is actually leaving you feeling foggy, lightheaded, low energy, a bit fatigued, and actually hungry again.

Did you ever have that? So what do you do? You go scavenging for the first thing that you can find, a muesli bar, a packet of chips, a chocolate bar, a cookie from the kitchen at work, and you eat that and you get energy again, woohoo!

And your blood sugar goes up, and then you create more insulin. And then you have that crash again and you come all the way back down.

So what’s actually happening here is you’re consistently creating too much insulin in your body throughout the day.

What’s actually happening is insulin is creating energy in the body.

Now, this energy gets stored in the liver and in the muscles. But those two only have very limited storage.

So what happens when they are full?

Well, your body actually starts to store that energy in your fat cells.

So I can tell you now if you are exercising every day, and you’re not getting anywhere, it could be that you’re on the blood sugar roller coaster.

And as long as you’re on the blood sugar roller coaster, it is impossible for your body to lose weight.

So all I can tell you is the key to weight loss is balancing out your blood sugar.

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