Personal training using EMS does more than your average workout. Electrical stimulation has found its way into Physio Therapy, Beauty salons and sports performance training. Here are a few of the benefits…

Sports performance

Did you know that when you tense your muscles as hard as you can, you won’t reach more than 70% of your muscles capacity? Top performers may be able to reach about 80%, but with EMS training you can potentially reach up to 100%. Results are improved speed and explosive power, after just a few sessions.

Strengthen Core

Each session is designed to reach the maximum potential in 20 minutes. The core exercises in combination with Electro Muscle Stimulation massively boosts the abdominal, lateral and back muscles. You’ll notice the difference in only a couple of sessions.

Easy on Joint and tendons

With EMS Training, there is no heavy lifting or jumping involved so there is NO strain on joints and tendons. All the exercises are performed in a slow and controlled manner. Weights are not necessary because the electrical pulses do the work for you. If you’re recovering from injury, our Personal Trainers can tailor the movements to your range of motion.

Reduce Cellulite

EMS training is one of the most effective ways to reduce cellulite. The electrical pulses travel through the skin, stimulating the release of collagen. Collagen is responsible for cell renewal, skin elasticity and suppleness as well as firmness.

Reduce Back Pain

Most back problems are related to weak muscles or muscle imbalances. Unfortunately, it is not easy to strengthen muscles that have grown weak. We automatically tend to compensate our movement, resulting in a backache. With EMS training you specifically target problem areas and strengthen those hard to reach areas evening out any imbalances. Some people feel relief after the first session.

Release Stress Tension

Stress tension causes muscles (usually in neck and shoulders) to hold a constant tension. During an EMS session, the muscle is forced to tense and release. and with each release, the muscle lets go of a bit of stress tension. Some of our clients just come in for the relaxing effect on their muscles!

Body Sculpting

The machine is calibrated by 8 individual muscle groups: legs, arms, upper back, chest, laterals, lower back, abs, glutes. Meaning, you are in control of target areas that are in line with your personal goals. EMS gives you the opportunity to sculpt your body and after just a few sessions you’ll start seeing beautiful definition.

Post Natal Recovery

Pregnancy and giving birth puts enormous stresses on the body. The common complaints after pregnancy are a weak pelvic floor and separated abdominal muscles. EMS training is a gentle, low impact workout that targets all the muscles that work in conjunction with your pelvic floor. The workout also targets all the muscles in your core simultaneously, we have had ladies bring their abs back together after just 8-10 sessions! You can start training as early as 6 weeks after giving birth.

Muscle re-education

Muscle re-education is necessary when the brain no longer sends pulses to a muscle to activate. A very common problem with people in sedentary jobs, with glutes or lower back muscles for example. When muscles are inactive, you’re more prone to injury or aches and pains. EMS training is the ultimate way to re-activate muscles, the machine sends involuntary contractions to the muscle activating it whether you want it to or not!

Results after 4 weeks

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