No it doesn’t hurt, it’s a bit of a strange sensation at first but you do get used to it. When your muscles are stimulated, and you do a bicep curl for example, it feels as if you are lifting a dumbbell working against the resistance. Its pure resistance training. So you get the same benefit as lifting weights in the gym, but without the heavy lifting and high impact on the body.


Funnily enough, the Russians starting using EMS training on their Olympic athletes in the 1950s. Electro Muscle Stimulation is also used in physiotherapy (TENS machine) for strengthening muscles after injury, muscle reeducation, nerve damage and the Germans thought it would be a great idea to use it as a full body workout. They were right!!!! The technology we use is back by more than 15 years of clinical trials. All in all its a well tested method!

+ How many sessions until I start seeing results?

Most people see visible changes in their body usually around 6-12 sessions. For most men that’s getting definition around the core and biceps.. For women, those tuckshop lady arms start to tighten up, cellulite starts to smoothen out or the glutes start to lift up. Everyone responds differently of course, but one thing is for sure with our training you’ll achieve the same results as if you’d spend hours in the gym in just a fraction of the time!

+ What does it actually do?

When you train in the gym and lift heavy weights, there are two main types of strength training: Hypertrophy & Endurance. Hypertrophy is focusing on muscle growth and endurance is focused on strengthening and toning muscles. 20FIT’s 20 minute EMS workout is the equivalent to hours of endurance training in one session. You’ll start to feel physically stronger after just a couple of sessions, you’ll notice simple things like picking up your children or lifting a heavy box will become easier without the aches and pains. Overtime this training will change the shape of your body, resulting in a leaner and more defined look!

+ How can it increase my sports performance?

The Electrical Pulses stimulate the deep tissue muscle, activating the fast-twitch muscle fibers. This improves speed and explosive power. So if you’re a rugby player, you’ll feel more power in your stride, you’ll jump higher, kick with more explosiveness and run faster!

+ How does it get rid of my cellulite?

The Electrical Pulses stimulate collagen under the skin, resulting in a decrease in cellulite. We also give you a 100% Collagen Protein Shake after every session which is a double whammy and is given to enhance your training with us!

+ Are you saying 1 session a week will make me look fabulous?

Yup! Most of our clients train with us once a week. 20FIT is considered all your strength training for the week, next to that, we recommend combining with 2-3 days of interval style cardio training for faster fat loss results and of course combining the training with a well balanced diet. We also run Fat Loss Challenges, provide Nutritional Advice, Easy Recipes, and additional training advice if desired!

+ Can anyone do it?

The only two people who can’t do it, are pregnant women and someone who has an active implant (like a pacemaker). If you have a medical condition or are recovering from treatment we always recommend speaking to your doctor first. But all in all, 20FIT is for young and old, thick and thin and will enhance anyone’s quality of life!

+ What benefits does it have on the body?

20FIT has a range of benefits, we have a lot of people who train with us who have back issues or are recovering from an injury as its very low impact on the body and gets all the muscles without putting any strain on the joints or tendons. Additionally its well known for toning, body sculpting, boosting core strength and overall strengthening of muscles!

+ How is it the same as the hours spent in the gym?

Normally when you go to the gym you’d train one muscle group at a time… right? You’d start with your legs, glutes, abdominals etc… and you may spend hours over the week getting a full-body workout!

With 20FIT’s EMS training you train 90% of muscles at the SAME TIME. So 20 minutes, gets you a full-body workout, without having to spend hours in the gym. Your muscles need 72 hours recovery, so the workout can be done max twice a week.

+ I have an injury, can I do it?

Depending on your injury, and your mobility, our Personal Trainers will customise the workout for you. We will always sit with you and understand what you can and can’t do before starting the workout. If you have had a knee reconstruction for example, we will avoid doing any exercises where you have to bend the knee (like squats or lunges) until you have built up enough strength to do so. We will provide alternate exercises to still strengthen the quad, hamstring and glute muscles without putting any pressure on the joints. EMS training originally stems from physiotherapy, we also work in conjunction with Physiotherapists to help our clients with a faster recovery. 

+ Can I do EMS training every day?

No, 20FIT can be done a maximum of 2 times per week as it’s such a deep tissue workout your muscles require 72 hours recovery between sessions. It’s fine to combine 20FIT with other styles of training, we just recommend staying away from heavy weights the day after and perhaps having a cardio session instead!

+ Are there any side effects?

No, the biggest side effect may be some aching muscles! But that’s the same as if you’d spend hours in the gym 🙂

+ How do you know EMS training is safe?

20FIT uses Miha Bodytec Machines, who are backed up and have undergone a significant amount of clinical trials over the past 15 years. Electronic Muscle Stimulation stems all the way back to the 1950’s and has been used in various medical and sporting fields for many many years.. 

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