EXERCISE SUCKS!!! or…. does it?

The world of exercise is divided into 2 camps. The ones that LOVE it and the ones who think it SUCKS!


Do you remember when you DECIDED you hate exercise?
❓Were you pushed beyond your limits
❓You gave it a shot but didn’t get results
❓Someone told you: “this is just your body composition”
❓You get soooo bored
❓I don’t belong here
❓Someone made fun of you…
❓It just hurts too much

The truth is these ⬆️are all valid reasons and there is probably a million more.
However, for most people, any of these reasons were decided in a split second of failure.
ONE moment in time where you told yourself EXERCISE SUCKS!

And living in the reality that exercise sucks is a bit like…
1️⃣You go for a walk in the park.
2️⃣A stick gets caught between your feet.
3️⃣YOU TRIP! Making one of those dramatic falls that would go viral if only someone had filmed it…
4️⃣You decide Parks suck… Forever…

I know this sound’s ridiculous, but all too often this is how we decide something is good or bad for us.

There is a cure though… you must find something you enjoy. The options are literally endless. Find a buddy, try different things. Every gym, sports club or yoga studio does trial packages, just so you can dip your toe in the water before jumping in.

But please, please, please… take action. Keep exploring. And before you know it, you are one of those annoying people, that loves their exercise.