Hellooooo, me again to talk about the most exciting topic EVER (haha!) – Balancing Blood Sugar Levels!

Let’s have a bit of a recap on what we have discussed so far:

  1. The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster – why this is stopping you from burning FAT
  2. Step #1 to balancing your blood sugar, secret sugars (including a list secret sugars)
  3. Step #2 The Magic Plate, how eating Protein & Fats with your Carbohydrates can help balance your Blood Sugar.. 

We still have a couple of steps to go, but at this point you’re probably wondering “but… what can I eat???”

So, I decided to skip a step and lets have a look at that ^^

Ideally you want to be eating as much of a whole food diet as possible. Try to stay away from processed foods and if you can, get in your kitchen as much as possible. 

When grocery shopping, check the labels on the food you’re buying. And just for a while, start counting CHEMICALS not CALORIES. 

I have a trick question for you… 😛

If you have two different items next to each other, one has 3 ingredients in it and the other has 30 ingredients. Which is better for you?

Yep, that’s correct! The more chemicals, the more processed!

I’ve created a bit of a ‘CHEAT SHEET’ for you on ‘WHAT TO EAT’… have a look and if you have any questions feel free to respond to this email. 

Download | What to eat Cheat Sheet

Remember, in our on-going challenges we will literally hold your hand and walk you through this stuff so you can create one healthy habit at a time. It may seem a little overwhelming, but when you have around the clock support from our coaches and it’s all broken down for you bit by bit it makes its a hell of a lot easier. 

Keep an eye out for my next blog, step #3 to balancing your blood sugar levels…